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Notes Wednesday Meetup 29/11/17


TreeDripper meetup Wednesday 29/11/17, Rafa Juste took notes!

All right guys, I was taking some notes at our meeting and here are some points we discussed:

During this gathering (22nd November) we discussed the requirements and the strategies that we need in order to promote the project. (see the photo above for the outcome of our discussion)

We, as a small representative of the core group, came to the understanding that our vision on the Treedripper project needs to be more clear and profound. If we want to be able to promote this project we need to have a persuasive and rigid story to tell about the project and being able to clearly describe it.

Facebook TreeDripper post Wednesday 22/11/17

TreeDripper folks, hello from the LBB!
See you tomorrow Wednesday around six. There will be unfrozen and freshly made food and a lot to discuss:

This article found in Wired, outlines a new understanding of actors at a world compassing scale.

Article now being conceived and written. Based on the notion as stipulated in the above Wired link and an effort to get a universal understanding how this project should organize itself.

"Fight Fossil" in the Bonn Demo


The present Bonn COP23 Climate conference offers the US-delegation a presentation of the benefits of coal for countering climate change. Not a popular statement, that was called: 'Beyond Absurd'!

Outside in the streets in the demo, yesterday November 4th, there was also a strong call for keeping coal in the ground. Specially for ending the open brown coal digging at 'Ende Gelande'.

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FAQ, questions frequently asked ...

  • Why don't you use a bucket?
    Buckets are available, but for really poor people it is a heavy investment. That's why most of them are broken. And you can't send buckets by email.

  • Do people have water?
    There is always some water from a puddle that is not good for drinking or grey water, the water that remains after washing clothes or cutlery.

  • Do people have fertilizer?
    Probably urine can be utilized as well.

  • Do people have plastic bags?
    Yes, too…

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NASA really knows some things better ...


NASA really knows some things better ...

For the background page, I need to be a bit better informed about what the actual impact in tree planting needs to be to be meaningful to counter climate change. So I once more googled with different questions. And this link really was interesting, as related to the approach of TreeDripper:

To organise the growing instream of data even before our first workshop

TreeDripper is a great idea and the info about the actual thing is not that much. Say ten pages A4 technical description. If you include the art of tree nursing and tree planting, then you have to consider to make space for a lot of books, though a small booklet may contain already 80 % of what matters for the TreeDripper enthusiasts.

Journal Saturday 23 september 2017


This Friday workshop did not 'work', the 'Teachers', four guys did not show up. Let's assume it was a communication hick-up, but not nice towards some people at the Foodbank dinner that wanted to join.

Yes, we can create a wave, a surge, a hype of new tree planting!
How? The Demotech way is to look for forgotten recourses outside the realm of commercial thinking. Think different, search for what people like and long for. Think of what is in the way of getting things done differently.

Simple but evident constrain: money! Money is needed always. Or maybe not. The search is on for the gap where money is not needed per se, or where a new idea can piggybag on something else that is happening anyway.


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