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Volunteering Tourism, an industry to link up with!

Connecting People through Green Fingers!
That's a slogan one of you wrote up, let's make it true!
Next Wednesday, that is May 23, Ujj has her parents visiting her and she want to take them also to our TreeDripper lab at the LBB and Demotech. Very Welcome!

And very welcome all of you too. There is a lot of news to talk about, to see and to do. Technically the TreeDripper changed a lot because of the new little oil stove now in use. That bit of old times innovation gave a big new impulse in what is realistically possible in conditions in ultra-poor slums and too far away rural areas.

We also have to discuss how to move on from here. Technically we made big progress, but as a community, we lost energy. That's sad and also unexpected because the stuff we do is actually a big industry, called Volunteering Tourism. I heard about it but did not know really its huge scope. This site especially seems to offer to link up with and to connect with students worldwide and others traveling and looking especially for the stuff we have on offer.

Surprise! I can't find again that site among the mass of similar sites I find while googling!

To conclude: TreeDripper is there as a tool, the urgent need for nursing trees is there. Linking up with volunteer tourism is the obvious thing to do now. So let's move on with TreeDripper this Wednesday at 6 pm.
Please confirm if you plan to come, I'll prepare for a massive meet-up!