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TD-workshop as side-event at opening The Student Hotel March 2d.

Hi, guys & dolls from TreeDripper!

Long no see, no hear! But now suddenly plenty action!

That's because of an event for the opening of The Student Hotel (old Sfinx at Boschstraat/Bassin). The event is a performance: BedTalks(actually on and from hotel beds) for an in-and-out walking public. I am one of the many speakers. Regarding the idea, see:

See for the speakers:

Then this is the program:

- 17.00 Bring in TD-materials, arrange tables (available), put up DemoUnit towers(eventual)

- 17.30 Ongoing Workshop. People interested walk in and out of a (class)room 5 x 6 meters

- 20.30 End workshop and cleaning up, bringing back stuff to LBB

- 21.00 or later invited 3 of us and me to attend party in 2 spaces in The Student Hotel

- 01.00 end of party

My own BedTalk-speaker slots are:

16:30 - 17:15 met Julan Derden

19:30 - 20:15 met Nando Ngandu, strong relation to the TD-program and ideas!

NOTE: At that time let's organize that at least 2 other people take care of the workshop activity.

At the workshop tables we explain, let people practice with the manual on their own smartphone. The usual doings. Visitors can take their own planted 'tree' with them.

I'll post this on WhatsApp, on Facebook TreeDripper, and on Please send a mail if and for how long you are available to work with this TreeDripper event!