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Reporting on Wednesday 10/1/18 brainstorm with Tom and Reinder

It could have been more crowded! Brazilians, where were you? Portuguese, missed you! Germans, still in der Heimat? Our friend from India, got stuck at the airport?
As we have a world project, we indeed need more TreeDripper-people, so that's what Tom and I talked about. The present situation is far better than when we started: TD-technology is almost done, very clear what participants can do: meet up, recruiting Maastricht, contacting project partners in warm countries using WhatsApp, take workshops, give workshops, produce and sent TD-envelopes with all needed for local manufacture. And lots of people already know about TreeDripper. That for a good start in 2018!
Consider the following as short time action:
- A continuous recruiting action among Foodbank dinner guests with a poster and Facebook invitations and make the TreeDripper area a hangout place for in-between Foodbank dinner courses
- It's time now to contact student organizations such as LoveFoundation, MakeSense, Oikos and more. They can adopt our project in many ways.
- Contact those organizations that actually work with green stuff. There are a few in Maastricht and plenty around in the region. We need their expertise and they may give us opportunities to act.
- TreeDripper is about climate, about trans-cultural learning, about micro-entrepreneurship about deep-sustainability. Really no serious interest from the MU for our initiative? Let's check that again!
- We have to work on our pilot project in Morocco. Roos offered to link us to her contacts in Palestine and Morocco. Let's contact them and make sure they get our message.
Friday Foodbank tomorrow night you are welcome at Demotech as well. We need your feedback and there is some practical work to do as well: flooding our Rolling TreeDripper in grow-LEDlight!
Greetings from Tom and Reinder