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How to fail and how to recover ...

Over here, at Demotech, there was some kind of examination same as for the students that help TreeDripper out at Wednesday meetings. And I failed!

It went like this: the system with the hot nail to make parts and tubes worked very well. I produced many TreeDrippers, filled up the container, and all seemed to work well. `

But because of testing many at the same time, also some irregularities showed up. With the wick in place, I could reduce the flow to one drop in 20 seconds easily. But reducing the rate of one drop every 40 seconds, then a glitch showed up. Some TreeDrippers simply did not stop dripping even if I removed the wick. That should have stopped it completely. But drops emerged. Meaning there was still a very tiny leak!

That was bad news, as all of the tubes and buckets had been tested by pressurizing them hard over a thin layer of white powder. Then no leaks had shown up. I had to conclude that the testing was not rigorous enough. Even worse! I had to conclude that the welding method with the hot nail could not guarantee a weld without sometimes leaving open a very tiny hole. The hole that caused the wick-less drip of one drop after 30 or more seconds.

Meaning I had to rethink the whole method of making the bucket and the pipe and how to connect it to the container bag and to the float. I better tell you about the result and not about the endless hours of distress and experimenting. By now I think I found a better way to get what the ThreeDripper needs: ease of making plus one drop per minute guaranteed.

The picture shows you the first testing. Tubes are now made differently, welded with a flat hot piece of metal that produces a wide weld between two layers of plastic rolled over each other around a wooden pencil. Then the tube takes the diameter of the pencil, but other experiments showed that I can also make a cylinder from paper rolled up around something.

For many details also good solutions have been found. These last two weeks were dangerous, but I feel we are better off than before.

Come and let's celebrate!