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Growing eucalypts from seed

Find here the shop where I bought four small bags with eucalyptus seeds:

They say: it is not hard! just follow our instruction. They say there are very, very many different kinds of Eucalypts. We at TreeDripper will start with two kinds, chosen random, without specific knowledge.

Tomorrow the envelop will arrive. Tomorrow, Friday, March 16th, TreeDripprs can come to Demotech and do something historic. A real tree nursery starts off!

One day after World Tree Planting Day. That deadline we missed, none of us even knew about it. We have to catch up!

Urgent now is to have a video that tells the story of why and how to make a TreeDripper irrigation set. A good friend of mine offered to come next Tuesday to do the filming and promised to do the editing as well.

Isn't that friendship! Yes, it is!