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Found All data Rain Water Harvesting world-wide at this site!

This is what I found and what we need by now: all the data about where Tree Drippers are needed and possible. TreeDrppers are needed where water is scarce, at least for a long and yearly recurring period. Then TreeDripprs make the difference in yes or no surviving of the just planted saplings.

Here only the link and the first lines of this site. Check it out for yourself!

Welcome to the SamSamWater Rainwater Harvesting Tool.

Rainwater harvesting is an easy way to collect water during the rainy season and store it for use during the dry season. Using this tool you can easily determine the optimum size of your rainwater harvesting reservoir.

This tool will take you through 4 steps towards finding the right rainwater harvesting system for your unique situation.

  1. Choose a location on a map, where your project will be located.
  2. Input your roof size and select your roof materials.
  3. Input how much water will be used per day (litres).
  4. Results are shown! They reveal: summary, location, rainfall, water availability, water demand, required storage, dry and wet years, and data source.

Let's get started.

SamSamWater Rainwater Harvesting Tool