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Elements of Innovation (now for TreeDripper)

Embedded in the TreeDripper project are two distinct types of innovation: social and technical. The Social type is how we want to involve messengers and users, creating meaning, learning, and joy in the process.

The technical type of innovation regards the TreeDripper as a toolset. How it makes better possible to seed and grow trees. In the details of its design are the breakthrough innovative ideas. It has taken a very long time to give them the quality needed for successful application, actually, we are still struggling on!

This is the list, four innovative ways to re-use waste plastic:
- Join: how to bits of plastic sheet, when a larger size is needed,
- Solidify: make solid parts out of plastic sheet, a bit the same as a 3D-printer creates a solid form out if thin wire, using heat to melt spot next to spot.
- Shaping to size: now one fast, accurate and easy of cutting with a hot pin and with a 2D-template, made from carton board or tin,
- Tubes, thin and flexible: how to make them from bits of plastic sheet and how to make sure there have no leaks.

Working on TreeDripper, to get available these techniques was crucial for functional quality and practically eliminating the factor cost. Thus by now, it is the time to ask the people it is meant for: the very poor, the 1$/day people.

Details about how it works will be later published under 'Manuals'. I look forward to posting these manuals on Instructables, because there I can expect immediate feedback.