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Climate Collaps, panic heats up, louder call for planting trees!

The Economist, in the West a respected magazine, warns for Climate Collapse. The Economist: "The world is losing the war against climate change. Rising energy demand means the use of fossil fuels is heading in the wrong direction".

Even more alarming is this article: The End Of the Line, a Climate in Crisis This article cites scientists who state that climate is over its tipping point, resulting in Climate Collapse soon, the estimate: one decade!

People commenting on these articles, show alarm: ok, let's buy another 50 years for energy transition, lets plant trees!

"What surprised me is that I can cover double my two-car-owning European family's carbon footprint via planting trees in the UK at an annual cost of around $400. It'll cost half that to do the same in a developing country.

We need a global carbon tax and we need it now. Heck, even a carbon tax in the EU / US applied to local emissions and, importantly, to imported goods would go a long way to solving the problem.

We can't just sleepwalk into oblivion, can we?"

Obvious, that's what we do with the TreeDripper-project. Join this project!