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FAQ, questions frequently asked ...

  • Why don't you use a bucket?
    Buckets are available, but for really poor people it is a heavy investment. That's why most of them are broken. And you can't send buckets by email.

  • Do people have water?
    There is always some water from a puddle that is not good for drinking or grey water, the water that remains after washing clothes or cutlery.

  • Do people have fertilizer?
    Probably urine can be utilized as well.

  • Do people have plastic bags?
    Yes, too many.

  • Can people make money by producing TreeDrippers?
    Yes, it's a competitive market, so why not.

  • Can airline companies print their logos on the TreeDrippers?
    At extra costs in an appropriate way, yes.

  • Is the design open, and free to use for anyone?
    Yes, the TreeDrippers will be published under General Public License.

  • Which communication channels will you be using?
    Crowdfunding such as, DIY communities such as, professional marketers,

  • What is still missing?
    Contacts to airline companies, budget to develop a proper manual, budget for commercial imagery,

  • I want to participate!
    Give your name and email at and we will show you the many options there are for participation.