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Yes, we can! Millions of new trees, seed, nurse and plant them

Yes, we can create a wave, a surge, a hype of new tree planting!
How? The Demotech way is to look for forgotten recourses outside the realm of commercial thinking. Think different, search for what people like and long for. Think of what is in the way of getting things done differently.

Simple but evident constrain: money! Money is needed always. Or maybe not. The search is on for the gap where money is not needed per se, or where a new idea can piggybag on something else that is happening anyway.

To create this opportunity design or develop these recourses:
- seeds: just pick up seeds fallen from trees, that's how nature works.
- find the thousands, hundreds of thousands people that could just love to grow and plant these billion trees: think of the billion kids at basic schools.
- thnk of water: no problem where there is plenty, but where it is dry, then create what can deliver one drop of water every so many seconds, on and on until the sapling is well rooted.
- think of the cost for such a technical device, then design it made by these kids, design it as fun to do, a bunch of new little tricks to do quickly. That sounds like weaving gold from straw.

That sounds like weaving gold from straw. Not so! But it is a hard design challenge, doable because of the lure of creating something very nice. That is to keep global warming within the 1.5 degrees it takes to give that billon kids any future at all.

Demotech has practical experience with this no-cost self-reliant option. Demotech did it with the design and introduction of the rope pump

To be continued ....