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Notes Wednesday Meetup 29/11/17

TreeDripper meetup Wednesday 29/11/17, Rafa Juste took notes!

All right guys, I was taking some notes at our meeting and here are some points we discussed:

  • In order to promote our project and get more people involved, we need to make more use of social media and internet tools such as meetup, Reddit, and of course our Facebook page;
  • A good start would be filming short videos. One more linked to the purpose of promoting, in which we can show the main vision (we have to think about what exactly is it) and ideas of the project. For this video, we want to motivate and get people interested in knowing more about us. The other video would have a content related to the design of the dripping system, for people to see what we already have, in a practical way. The idea is to show something they can build and use in their everyday lives;
  • So we need to contact people that might help us with this task. If you know someone who likes to work with video editing or so, would be nice! (Reinder will contact Antoine, who made a TD-clip for French TV)
  • We thought about creating a google account for TreeDripper, so that from it we can make a Youtube channel, e-mail, work together through google docs and so on
  • Once we have a considerable group of people following our page and things going on, we thought about going live on Facebook (on a Wednesday meeting for instance)
  • Last but not least, keeping in mind that it is good to be always improving the TreeDripper design, as well as creating different tools, for them to be more adequated to diverse contexts and resources available for our community
  • If you have any questions or maybe something to add (I might have been lazy taking notes, hehe)

Have a great evening :)


We tested how to link up with WhatsApp video link. Tom transferred his pictures to the beamer. It worked a bit, should work better with another WhatsApp app.