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Journal Saturday 23 september 2017

This Friday workshop did not 'work', the 'Teachers', four guys did not show up. Let's assume it was a communication hick-up, but not nice towards some people at the Foodbank dinner that wanted to join.

Preparations were done but also inspired for an improvement that really could become important . Up to now I rely on the probability that empty ball pens can be found or had around a school building. That is just one of the items of discarded waste, that this project relies on. I developed all the tricks to cut up such a hard plastic pen, that really is little more than a tube, very useful for 'hacked' purposes.

Yet this assumption brings in a risk. It could well be that those empty discarded ball pens are simply not there, not empty, not used in that location. Then what?

There again comes in the innovative pressure to get this TreeDripper less dependent on special conditions as ball pens. Then should arise the question: possible to make a tube similar to what was used from the waste plastic sheet material that is abundant?

Once the question was put that way the solution was not that hard to develop. I took a nail, also used for burning holes to roll around it a tube from a strip of plastic cut from a plastic bag. Quite a bit of experimentation before I found the right dimensions. A strip of plastic four times folded double did the trick. Although it worked only because of something extra. The tube should not unroll and though just a strip of plastic should functions as if massive.

A solution that worked well was to use the property of plastic to melt rather easily at around 150 degrees Celcius. When I poked the hot tip of the welding nail in the many layers of the little roll, the nail just melted a hole through and through to the core of the pipe: meaning all the layers of the roll were welded together. I made such point-welds over the hole surface of the little tube. The I also flattened the dents with the hot nail.

This long story is best explained with a video of a few seconds, but that would not emphasize the half day design work that --also in this case had to be done to find an answer that has the quality needed to attain self-reliance.