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"Fight Fossil" in the Bonn Demo

The present Bonn COP23 Climate conference offers the US-delegation a presentation of the benefits of coal for countering climate change. Not a popular statement, that was called: 'Beyond Absurd'!

Outside in the streets in the demo, yesterday November 4th, there was also a strong call for keeping coal in the ground. Specially for ending the open brown coal digging at 'Ende Gelande'.

Demotech got support from the TreeDripper group to join the demonstration with its Walking DemoUnit display towers. Friday night, linked to the delicious cooking Foodbank, many supported making the display skins with the text: FIGHT FOSSIL, as it kills you slowely.

Writing that short sentence in real big lettering is not that easy, but the effort payed off in the Bonn Demo, as these pictures show!