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Facebook TreeDripper post Wednesday 22/11/17

TreeDripper folks, hello from the LBB!
See you tomorrow Wednesday around six. There will be unfrozen and freshly made food and a lot to discuss:
1. The nicest news is a Vado-song composed and sung for our TreeDripper project about water dripping to grow olive trees. ( This weekend I was at her performance in Tilburg. She explained the text of her songs, about expensive drip irrigation for olive trees. The song was about those drops that vaporized in the summer heat, even before reaching the soil.
After her performance, I kindly asked her to alter her song to fit our project as our TreeDripper brings every drop to the roots of each new tree, no water lost or spilled. She really liked to do so and waits for our video that explains our project and that her song will get as its accompanying music!

2. You all have to keep up with the latest tech developments and upgrade your training! Sina and I improved the tray with tree seedlings that may hang in front of your window to get the best light you have available at home.

3. With Sina, Tom, and Guga we discussed if the training was by now taking too much time? Yes, that is an issue! What we can do about it is being very keen in the workshop on what works easily and what is more difficult to grab. There is always tech that develops and gets smarter. But don't forget the Teacher!
The Teacher had to be the guide and make sure you don't get stuck. Teachers need to train themselves. TreeDripper teaching we can train again next Friday when we invite for our workshop people that come to dinner with the Foodbank.

Let's set the target of 90 minutes for the complete introduction training, that results in a complete TreeDripper Toolset to take home. So good if we can get that done!
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This is an instructive description of an alternative for the planter strip as used with TreeDripper workshop: